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Studio Manager, 26 & 2, Yin, Meditation

Alexandria's practice spans years. As a remedy to chronic pain and anxiety experienced as a professional dancer, Alexandria (Ali) started researching and practicing yoga and meditation, which became a pervasive and vital part of her everyday life. While initially drawn to the practice for its physical benefits, it became clear to her all of the healing and ancillary benefits that a regular practice brings.

Ali has completed more than 250 hours of meditation training, mentorship, and formal consultation with Three Jewels NYC. Additionally, and to further enhance her practice and offerings as a teacher, she has an extensive background in multiple disciplines of yoga and in related health and nutrition, which include attending the University of Pittsburgh Pre-Physical Therapy program, working in physical therapy and sports nutrition settings and completing a 500-hour Bikram yoga training as well as a formal Yin Yoga training and mentorship.

Ali is excited to share the transformational power of meditation and yoga with everyone she encounters. She believes that yoga is an inclusive practice for every body.


Owner, 26 & 2, Vinyasa, Yin

Amie first found yoga as a way to manage migraines, anxiety and depression but quickly fell in love with the overall peace and calm it brought into her life. After experiencing the positive effects of yoga firsthand, she wanted to help others find balance in their lives too. She hopes to help others understand yoga, to not be nervous or have misconceptions like she once did. To realize that we all have our battles, but what you learn on your mat translates to everyday situations and we don't have to be so hard on ourselves, or each other. She hopes to foster a safe and welcoming environment at I Am Yoga and is grateful for the amazing community there.​

Amie has completed certification for various styles of yoga and healing including bikram (26&2), vinyasa, yin, Buti, DEEP and Reiki attunement. When not in the studio, you can find Amie volunteering with Biggies Bullies, serving on the Uncover Squirrel Hill neighborhood business association board, enjoying all things Pittsburgh and spending time with her husband, Adam, and their cat Penny Lane.



With a background in dance and gymnastics, yoga was a natural fit for Elisha but it wasn't until after a traumatic surgery for endometriosis in 2015 that she decided to take the leap and get certified in Buti Yoga in 2016. She was looking for a way to heal her body from the inside out and to reconnect to herself. Holistic, thorough, and accepting, Elisha encourages her students to push themselves while listening to their bodies.
One of her favorite things about teaching is watching people light up when they try something new and fall in love with what their body is capable of. She earned the nickname Gumby in college for her flexibility, but don’t let that intimidate you; she strongly believes yoga is for every body. Elisha completed her RYT 200 in July of 2017 and her certification in DEEP by Buti in September 2017. Elisha is a social worker by day and a reiki practitioner.


26 & 2, Vinyasa

Jenny began her yoga practice in 2008 after a serious injury to her spine; suffering a broken neck, C6 and C7 after diving in shallow water. After the injury was healed, she had no access to physical therapy. So, she Googled ways to help herself and found Bikram Yoga. She discovered that the practice healed so much more than her spine.

Jenny took her first training in Los Angeles under the Bikram method in 2012; and intense two month training. She has continued her education into Vinyasa and Restorative styles at I Am Yoga in 2016.

Jenny has taught all ages and all types of people; from children as young as 5 to seniors as old as 97. She has managed studios, created new communities, and taught to thousands of students. Jenny's approach to yoga is to make it fun - so students see and feel results and enjoy the journey to its full potential!


Hot Pilates

Kady has always been passionate about living and feeling her best through fitness and sport, and athletics has been a huge part of her life. Kady studied Exercise Science at Central Michigan University, while also playing for the women’s field hockey team. She is originally from NEPA, but after she graduated with her Master’s degree, Kady made the move to Pittsburgh. Kady is a certified Group Exercise Instructor through the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and has taught HIIT style Pilates classes in her home town before relocating. Kady loves the connection and energy that is created through group exercise, it’s her favorite part. Kady believes you can have a positive experience and work hard at the same time!

“Movement feeds the soul, and I will always strive to build my classes in a way so that everyone feels accomplished when they walk out of the room!”


Vinyasa, Hot Pilates

At the core of her being, Kelly is a teacher. Her years of formally teaching English, Spanish, Portuguese, kindergarten, and first grade have laid a strong foundation for Kelly to truly communicate fitness material to her students. In 2017, Kelly made the move into teaching fitness and views the body as just another language to learn. She is certified in Classical Pilates, Power Vinyasa Yoga, and the HIIT/Pilates blend of PyroPilates. In her classes, you will hear dialogue that speaks to both the anatomy of the body and the way we think about the experiences we are having in our bodies. She will encourage you to meet your body exactly where it is at and challenge yourself at your own pace. Kelly believes that while we come together in class for connection and shared energy, we are also all responsible for tuning in to ourselves and moving in our bodies with care and intention. Some days are days to push a little harder, and some days are days to hold a little back. Kelly aspires to make her classes accessible to all ages and abilities and she hopes you will join her on the mat soon!



At her first hot yoga class, Mica couldn’t fully raise her left arm for Standing Bow. She came to the practice with injuries from riding as a bike courier and severe carpal tunnel from years of playing instruments. Over time, the yoga healed both her shoulder and wrists. 18 years later, she still has full range of motion in her shoulder and plays guitar pain-free.

In 2012, Mica graduated magna cum laude from UC Berkeley with a BA in English and rhetoric. That summer, she earned her 200-hour Yoga Alliance teaching certificate in Southern California. In 2017, Mica graduated from UC Hastings College of the Law with a JD in social justice. Post-graduation, she moved to Pittsburgh for a fellowship in women's rights law. Mica passed the Pennsylvania bar in November 2017, and plans on making Pittsburgh her permanent home.

Originally from Boston, Mica is a professional singer-songwriter. She has two full-length solo CDs and has won numerous songwriting competitions. Her original music is featured in the syndicated TV series Ghost Whisperer. Mica enjoys Goodwill hunting; road adventures; supernatural horror flicks with her partner, Tim; running stairs in her north-side mountain neighborhood; vegan cooking; reading heady historical fiction; and—of course—yoga.


26 & 2, Vinyasa

By bringing attention to how and why yoga works for us, Michael helps his students to transcend the physical practice and make positive shifts in their lives. Practicing for nine years and teaching since 2011, he completed his 200 hour training with Yoga to the People in NYC. He seizes every opportunity to share the beauty that Yoga has helped him to experience. He completed his 500 hour training with Philip Urso and Live, Love, Teach, with whom he is presently a facilitator-in-training. LLT has inspired him to develop a new model for more fully incorporating the 8 Limbs of Yoga and the teachings of Eckhart Tolle into a Flow class–taking the practice beyond the physical, using breath as an energetic conduit for connection of mental/emotional awareness with visceral sensations felt in the body. Michael placed first in the PA state regional, 2016 USA YogaAsana Championship and participated in nationals last May. When not on the mat, Michael is a musician and poet.

As a performer he has opened up for national acts such as The Flaming Lips, Wiz Khalif, and Andrew WK. His ongoing documentary project is called Yoga Pilgrims: an opened sourced film of interviews with diverse yogis, Yoga classes in unexpected locations, and the message that Yoga is Love.


26 & 2, Vinyasa, Yin, Yoga Nidra

Myra creates a welcoming and accepting environment for people to get what they need from their yoga class whether they are experienced practitioners or brand new students, so they can heal, breathe, stretch, and bring more joy to life. She is certified in various lineages of hatha yoga as well as different forms of meditation such as Yoga Nidra, and she brings a calm and thoughtful approach to every student. Myra is a lifelong fitness and outdoor sports enthusiast, has taught abroad and at various US locations with a special fondness for Pittsburgh. She is also a competitor and judge for USA Yoga competitions.



Sam was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pa. She found yoga in 2015 after a friend bought a Groupon for them to attend a hot yoga class at, I am Yoga in Squirrel Hill. She was hooked from class #1. She went for the workout/sweat but stayed for the mental health benefits and the community. Yoga has helped her to balance her stress level in ways nothing else did. As she grew in her practice, Sam’s desire to teach grew as well, and she enrolled in the Om Lounge 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in November 2021…which was a huge decision for her. Sam has a mild stutter and really wasn’t a fan of speaking in front of others, but the YTT program helped Sam to find her voice, among other skills. Yoga has been such an amazing outlet for Sam, and she is really hoping to be able to create a similar space for others as those early yoga classes did for her.

Outside of yoga, Sam has a passion for listening to music (her favorite style being emo. It was NOT just a phase), spending time with her fiancé Roger and their 16-year-old pup Moose, and brewery hopping. If you need any food or brewery recommendations or want to see an obscene amount of dog pics, Sam is your girl.



After completing her undergrad from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Veronica knew she needed a dynamic workout that would combat the daily stress of the 21st century. She found vinyasa yoga shortly after graduation in 2009 where she fell in love with the practice and became inspired to share the benefits of yoga with others. In January of 2012, she obtained her RYT 200. Yoga has helped Veronica foster a positive outlook on life while increasing her self-esteem, strength, and mindfulness on and off of her mat. She hopes that you will find her classes to be grounding, energizing and challenging. When Veronica is not at the studio, you may find her spending time with her two cats and pit mix, cooking new recipes to share with family and friends, or volunteering with her favorite rescue, Biggies Bullies.

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