Ready for a challenge?

EVERY MONTH we'll challenge ourselves to 15 or 30 classes, in 30 days and everyone who participates will be entered into a drawing for a FREE month of yoga!


  • Virtual, in person or a combination all count as a class! (Outdoor, events or video library replays do not).

  • 15 classes = 1 entry and 30 classes = 2 in any 30 day (month) period.

  • The free month of yoga prize will include unlimited virtual, in-person and video library access.

  • Winners will be drawn at the close of each month and their free month will automatically be applied to their account the 1st of the new month. (Complete 15 or 30 classes in April, drawn as the winner end of April, notified and free month applied starting May 1st).

BUT WHAT ABOUT THE STICKERS?! Okay, not nearly as fun but to record your classes:

  1. Virtual/Zoom class: simply chat something, anything in the chat window. A "hello" or thumbs up or just a random letter will do! It will save with the recording and Amie can go back to pull who attended. *Note: if you sign up for a virtual class through fitDEGREE, please still chat once you're IN the Zoom meeting. All virtual attendance will be pulled from the Zoom chat.*

  2. IN studio class: you'll be recorded in fitDEGREE when you arrive and check-in!

Even without the stickers, we're hoping this will be a fun way to keep up with (or get back into) your practice!

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